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In accordance with various Codes on Interactions with Healthcare Professionals (which include AdvaMed and EucoMed), attendance at this program is limited to healthcare professionals. As such, attendance by guests or spouses is not permitted. Certain US federal or state, or country specific laws as well as policies of your institution may limit your ability to accept the modest meal provided during this educational program. This event is not eligible for CME credit. Prohibited If your state(s) of licensure limits or prohibits you from recei ving meals or refreshments, we respectfully request you refrain from taking the meal and refreshments offered at our company sponsored symposium.


The Physician Payments Sunshine provisions in health care reform legislation require drug and medical device manufacturers to publicly report gifts and payments made to US physicians and teaching hospitals. BTG is required to report the receiving physician's name, address, and national provider identifier; and the value, date, form and nature of the payment.

Allergy Disclaimer:

Please let us know of any food allergies so that we may inform the restaurant; thank you.